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Nov 27 '11
Telepopmusik - Close (Angel Milk)

Music Therapy!

Close -Telepopmusik

Of course, once again I had to post one of my fav songs from one of my fav groups. I love this song! The lyrics are crazy well written. I think everybody can relate to this song :):):)

lyrics to Close :

I don’t put a smile upon your face no more
I can’t make your heart shine like it did before
You don’t listen to my stories anymore
You can’t comfort me the way you did before

Was I too loud, was I too bad
Was I too open
Was I too high, was I too fast
Was I too close

I don’t feel your lips like the first kiss
I’d rather run away than sit to face the truth

Was I too proud, was I too hopeful
Was I too needing
Was I too crazy, was I too long
Was I too giving

No matter how far, no matter how long
I will be there

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